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Conference Publishers
Institute of Mennonite Studies The Institute of Mennonite Studies (IMS) is the research agency of Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary focusing on research and publication in Anabaptist history and theology, biblical studies, mission and peace, and other topics of concern to modern Mennonites.
Kindred Productions

Kindred ProductionsKindred Productions is a religious publisher owned and operated by the Mennonite Brethren churches of North America (U.S. and Canada). Kindred publishes, promotes and markets print and mixed media resources that will help shape our Christian faith and discipleship from a Mennonite Brethren perspective.

The MennoLink Bookstore carries Kindred products including Mennonite Martyrs.

Mennonite Publishing Network

MPH ®As the publishing ministry of Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada, Mennonite Publishing Network provides materials that equip the church to experience and share the gospel from an Anabaptist perspective. Mennonite Publishing Network seeks to fulfill its mission through three divisions: Faith and Light Resources (congregational resources), Herald Press (books and other items for the general market) and the Provident Bookstores.

The MennoLink Bookstore carries MPN products including the ever popular More-With-Less books and What Mennonites Believe.

Mennonite World Conference MWCPublishes material related to its work with international fellowship of churches in the Anabaptist tradition.
Third Way Media

Produces educational videos for discussion in church and school such as Beyond the News, Rhythms of Peace, Cloud of Witnesses.

The MennoLink Bookstore carries Mennonite Media videos which are found on the video shelf.

Independent Publishers
Good Books

Good BooksPublishes a wide variety of books on topics related to Mennonites and Amish, including books on faith, history, cooking, quilting, fiction, biography, children's books and humor.

The MennoLink Bookstore carries items from Good Books including many quilting books and cookbooks.

Neufeld Verlag

"Menschen bewegen", so lautet unser Motto. Wir fordern Menschen heraus, sich bewegen zu lassen, sich in Bewegung zu setzen, Jesus Christus zu begegnen

Pandora Press Canada

An independently owned and operated publisher publishing reasonably-priced books that deal with Anabaptist, Mennonite, Hutterite, and Believers Church topics, both historical and theological.

The MennoLink Bookstore carries Pandora Press books including the popular The Silence Echoes: Memoirs of Trauma and Tears.

Cascadia Publishing House

Pandora Press USCascadia Publishing House (formerly Pandora Press U.S.) publishes thought-provoking theological, scholarly, and popular books of interest to Anabaptist, Mennonite, Christian, and general readers through the DreamSeeker Books (DSB) imprints.

The MennoLink Bookstore carries Cascadia Publishing House items, including Crazy Quilt: Pieces of a Mennonite Life.

Harmonies Workshop

A music ministry for people who love hymns, publishing music related items including CDs and cassette tapes featuring acappella singing.

See the music shelf in the MennoLink Bookstore for items from Harmonies Workshop.

Masthof Press

Publishes books on Mennonite genealogy and a variety of other Mennonite and Amish topics.

The MennoLink Bookstore carries books from Masthof which are found on the genealogy shelf.


A small home-based publisher providing writing, editorial and publishing and marketing services for worthy manuscripts, offering select books on a variety of topics such as peace, justice, and environmental issues, history, cooking, short stories and many other areas of interest for both adults and children. 1.316.283.6708

The MennoLink Bookstore carries books from Wordsworth which are found on the Wordsworth shelf.

Reader's Press

Publishes books for Mennonite and Plautdietsch (Low German) enthusiasts.

The MennoLink Bookstore carries books from Reader's Press which are found on the German shelf.

WillowSpring Downs

WillowSpring DownsIt began with the interest friends and family expressed in Maynard's Amish background. He'd tell stories. They'd listen spellbound. And we'd go home wondering, "Wouldn't it be fun to write a book?" Features Slickfester Dude the storytelling cat.

The MennoLink Bookstore carries WillowSpring Downs books.

SmallTall Music The mission of smallTall Music is to build up the body of Christ by creating and sharing "songs of faith for small and tall." Brian Moyer Suderman's passion is to use these songs to inspire God's children to sing, and to join in God's great project of peace, justice, reconciliation, love, healing, and hope in the world.
Unofficial Sites
Bible Teachings Provides bibilically-based resources for Mennonite beliefs sponsored by Biblical Viewpoints Publications of Goshen, Indiana.
Christian Light
Serves both those of the Anabaptist faith and many others who are looking for material that promotes a faith and practice consistent with the Scriptures. Privatarchiv pennsylvaniadeutscher Literatur (Private Archive of Pennsylvania German Literature) Dr. Michael Werner.
Legacy Books and Music A small publishing company responsible for distributing two books written by Dan J.B. Byler.
Maurice Mierau Website of Winnipeg writer, Maurice Mierau, of Mennonite roots.
Menno Night in Canada Menno Night in Canada was created out of a response to a lack of Mennonite representation in media at large. Will Loewen uses humor to communicate about Mennonite topics.
Rod and Staff Publishes textbooks, storybooks, tracts and Bible studies for Christian homes and schools.
MennoLink Groups Use an online registration form to join, an email interest group about Mennonite publishers and periodicals.


Conference Periodicals
Canadian Mennonite Canadian MennoniteCanadian Mennonite is a bi-weekly Anabaptist/Mennonite periodical which seeks to promote covenantal relationships within the church.
Brotherhood Beacon The periodical of Conservative Mennonite Conference.
The Messenger EMCThe Messenger is the publication of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference. Its purpose is to inform, instruct and inspire; inform concerning events and activities in the denomination; instruct in godliness and victorious living; inspire to earnestly contend for the faith.
EMMC Recorder EMMCThe periodical of the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference.
Mennonite Brethren Herald Canadian Conference MBPublished monthly by the Board of Communications of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, primarily for the use of its members.
The Mennonite the MennoniteThe Mennonite is the publication of Mennonite Church USA which seeks to help readers glorify God, grow in faith and become agents of healing and hope in the world. It is published twice a month by Mennonite Publishing House.
Mennonitische Rundschau Eine Christliche Zeitschrift gegründet im Jahr 1877. Herausgegeben von der Kanadischen Konferenz der Mennoniten-Brüdergemeinden
Die Brücke Die Brücke, die zweimonatliche täuferisch-mennonitische Gemeindezeitschrift, will Gemeinden und Einzelne auf ihrem Weg der Nachfolge begleiten: Unsere Erfahrungen kritisch wahrnehmen und ermutigen, im Glauben und in der Hingabe an Gott zu wachsen - und unsere Mission noch besser zu leben
General Interest Periodicals
Mennonite Weekly Review Mennonite Weekly Review is an inter-Mennonite newspaper published weekly since 1923.
Correo and Courier MWCTwo quarterly publications of Mennonite World Conference that provide news, feature articles, essays and testimony for Anabaptist-Mennonites around the world. Correo is printed in Spanish; Courier uses English.
junge gemeinde Mennonitisches Forum: Glaube und Gesellschaft.
Topical Periodicals
Leader: Equipping the Missional Congregation Leader is a quarterly magazine for pastors and lay leaders in Anabaptist congregations published by Mennonite Publishing Network. Leader contains feature articles, regular columns, seasonal worship resources, and extra resources on its website in order xists to inspire, equip, and empower congregations to reach their potential as Spirit-led, missional expressions of the church of Christ.
The Conrad Grebel Review CGCThe Conrad Grebel Review: An interdisciplinary journal of Christian inquiry devoted to thoughtful discussion of spirituality, ethics, theology and culture from a broadly-based Mennonite perspective. Published three times a year by Conrad Grebel College.
Direction DirectionDirection is a semiannual publication supported by Mennonite Brethren higher education institutions in the United States and Canada. addressing biblical, theological, historical, ethical, and church-related issues.
Kairos Arts and Letters from the Mennonite Culture.
Mennonite Life Mennonite Life is an illustrated quarterly, published by Bethel College devoted to exploring and developing Mennonite experience.
Mennonite Quarterly Review Mennonite Quarterly ReviewA quarterly journal devoted to Anabaptist-Mennonite history, thought, life and affairs.
Mennonite Historian Mennonite Historian is published by the Mennonite Heritage Centre of Mennonite Church Canada and the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.
Mennonot An "alternative" Mennonite publication published on an irregular basis, a 'zine dedicated to those invisible masses we call Mennos on the Margins.
PeaceSigns A monthly email magazine looking at the news through a Mennonite lens. A free service of the Peace and Justice Support Network of Mennonite Church USA
Rhubarb Rhubarb, A Magazine of New Mennonite Art and Writing is published by the Mennonite Literary Society Art of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Art and writing are at the heart of Rhubarb, and we strive to provide you with stories, photographs, reviews and other creative pieces that truly express what it means to be a modern Mennonite.
The Marketplace MEDAMennonite Economic Developoment Associates' bi-monthly magazine about faith, work, ethics and business

Mennonite WomenThe magazine of Mennonite Women.

Timbrel and other items of interest to women may be ordered online from the women's shelf of the MennoLink bookstore

UrbanConnections A publication of Mennonite Mission Network specifically for urban church workers.
Vision: A Journal for Church and Theology Vision: A Journal for Church and TheologySeeks to encourage theological reflection by church leaders on the identity, mission, and practices of the church from an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective. Published two times a year by Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary and Canadian Mennonite University
Alumni and School Periodicals
AMBS Alumni News ambsPublished three times a year for all who have earned 12 or more credit hours from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary.
AMBS Window ambsInvites Mennonite churches to further the work of God’s kingdom by calling people to leadership ministries and helping to support their training for ministry.
Bulletin Goshen CollegeThe quarterly college publication of Goshen College containing feature-length articles of interest to our alumni and friends.
Connection Tabor CollegeThe quarterly magazine of Tabor College.
Crossroads EMUThe quarterly magazine of Eastern Mennonite University. It is sent in the spring, summer, fall and winter to alumni, parents and friends.
Record Goshen CollegeThe student-run weekly newspaper of Goshen College.
Sunday School and Bible School
Vacation Bible School Vacation Bible School Series
Youth and Children's Periodicals
With Magazine Eight issues per year that help youth 15-18 commit themselves to Jesus Christ and the church amidst conflicting worldly values.
On the Line On the Line is a Christian magazine for children 9-14 and includes stories, puzzles, and regular features like Reader's Line and Help Line.


MennoLink Books Features a large selection of Mennonite books and easy online ordering.
Metanoia Book Service A London, England based distributor of Herald Press and importer of titles from other publishers.
Anabaptist Bookstore Online An online source for books by conservative Mennonite writers and publishers.
Mennonite Books Winnipeg, Manitoba. Strives to maintain the most complete selection of Mennonite materials. The Books of James D. Yoder
MennoLink Groups
menno.rec.books Use an online registration form to join this MennoLink interest group for readers.
menno.rec.writing Use an online registration form to join this MennoLink interest group for writers.


Bibliographie anabaptiste francophone

Cette bibliographie est destinée à faciliter l'étude de l'Anabaptisme aux étudiants francophones et personnes intéressées par l'histoire et la pensée anabaptiste-mennonite.

This is an extended bibliography of Anabaptist-Mennonite history or theology and about the Anabaptists in today's French speaking countries: Québec, French speaking Africa (Congo, Chad, Côte d'Ivoire, etc.) and Europe (Belgium, France, parts of Switzerland).

Mennonite Library and Archives Bethel CollegeFrom a brief guide prepared for the Historical Committees of the Mennonite Church, and the Western District Conference of the General Conference Mennonite Church.
John Howard Yoder An order form for a 60-page booklet which includes a complete listing of John Howard Yoder's published and unpublished writings (from 1947 to 1997) and a list of publications about Yoder and his work.
Mennonite Quarterly Review Bibliography of sixteenth-century Anabaptist materials available in English and Spanish translation.
Basic Mennonite Library Canadian Conference MBBasic Mennonite library for Mennonite Brethren congregations.
The Mennonites & their Contribution to World Peace From the AskERIC InfoGuides; used to point educators and others to Internet, ERIC, and traditional print resources dealing with specific educational topics.

Online Documents

Schleitheim Confession

A group of Anabaptists, forerunners of Mennonites, wrote this confession in 1527.

A printed copy of the Schleitheim Confession may be ordered online from the MennoLink bookstore.

Note: see the Confessions, Doctrinal section of the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online for a detailed entry on Mennonite statements of faith.

The Dordrecht Confession of Faith This confession was adopted by a Dutch Mennonite Conference held at Dordrecht, Holland in 1632.
Mennonite Confession of Faith

This confession was adopted by Mennonite Church in 1963.

A printed copy of the 1963 Mennonite Confession of Faith may be ordered online from the MennoLink bookstore.

Confession of Faith
in a Mennonite Perspective

This confession was adopted at the delegate sessions of the General Conference Mennonite Church and the Mennonite Church, in July 1995 in anticipation of the merger of the two groups which now form two national bodies, Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada.

A printed copy of the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective and related items may be ordered online from the Confession Of Faith shelf of the MennoLink bookstore.

Mennonite Brethren
Confession of Faith
Includes several versions of various lengths.
Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online Encyclopedia contains 14,750+ articles, including all articles from the five-volume Mennonite Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia has three partners — Mennonite Historical Society of Canada, Historical Committee of Mennonite Church USA, Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission, Mennonite Central Committee and Mennonite World Conference.
Kjenn jie noch Plautdietsch? A Mennonite Low German Dictionary by Herman Rempel. See also Reuben Epp's translation of The Night before Christmas, De Owend ver Wiehnachte 
Martyrs Mirror Selections from the most famous Anabaptist martyr book
The Secret of the Strength What Would the Anabaptists Tell This Generation? by Peter Hoover.

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