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Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission

AIMM LogoAfrica Inter-Mennonite Mission is an evangelical partnership through which five North American Mennonite Conferences are working for the sake of the Gospel. AIMM's focus centers on the Church in Africa. AIMM's objective is to plant an evangelical church where it does not exist; to nurture the church where it is established; and to partner with the church in witness, worship and outreach.

Use the online registration form to join, a MennoLink email interest group providing news and discussion related to Africa.

Eastern Mennonite Missions

EMM LogoEMM is the mission board which serves the Lancaster Conference of the Mennonite Church. EMM also partners with other agencies to carry out Christ's mission around the world, especially among unreached people groups.

Mennonite Brethren Missions/Services MBMS LogoMBMS International is the global mission agency of the Mennonite Brethren church in Canada and the United States. Our goal is to help make disciples of all nations through church planting, leadership training and social action.
Mennonite Center in the Ukraine

A Canadian organization whose purpose is to acquire and maintain a historic building in Molochansk, Ukraine as a vehicle of humanitarian services which are community-based, provided without discrimination, foster local initiative, and are sustainable, while interpreting and commemorating the Mennonite past.

Mennonite Central Committee

Regional Offices
MCC East Coast
MCC U. S. Washington Office
MCC United Nations Liaison Office
MCC Central States
MCC Great Lakes
West Coast MCC
MCC Alberta
MCC British Columbia
MCC Manitoba
MCC Ontario
MCC Saskatchewan
MCC Quebec
MCC Maritimes
MCC Labrador

MCC LogoFounded in 1920, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is a relief, service, community development and peace agency of the North American Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches. MCC has over 800 workers in 58 countries around the world in a variety of programs. MCC is motivated by the biblical call to care for the hungry and the thirsty, the stranger and the naked, the sick and those in prison (Matthew 25:35-36).

Use the online registration form to join, a MennoLink email interest group providing news from Mennonite Central Committee.

Mennonite Disaster Service

MDS LogoMennonite Disaster Service is a network through which Anabaptist churches can respond to those affected by disasters in North America. While the main focus is on clean up, repair, and rebuilding homes, this activity becomes a means of touching lives and helping people regain faith and wholeness.

Use the online registration form to join, a MennoLink email interest group providing news from Mennonite Disaster Service.

Mennonite Mission Network

Mennonite Mission Network is the mission resource arm of Mennonite Church USA. This organization joins the work of the former Mennonite Board of Missions and the Commission on Overseas Mission.

Programs include Third Way Cafe produced by Mennonite Media and Service Adventure, a program for young adults, 17-20, combining a year of service within a Christian community with the challenge of changing the world and the RAD program, based in Chicago.

Mennonite Voluntary Service

Rooted in the spirit of Jesus, Mennonite Voluntary Service encourages people from a variety of backgrounds to join together in Christian service. Assignments often challenge old assumptions and call for new lifestyles.

Use the online registration form to join, a MennoLink email interest group providing news from various Mennonite service projects.

New Life Ministries New Life Ministries is a partnership of the Mennonite Church, General Conference Mennonite Church, Mennonite Church Canada, Church of the Brethren, the Brethren Church, Shalom Foundation, and Christian Community in the areas of evangelism, congregational growth and vitality, and church planting.
Rosedale Mennonite Missions

Rosedale Mennonite MissionsRosedale Mennonite Missions is an agency of the Conservative Mennonite Conference. SEND (Service Evangelism Nurture Discipleship) is the short-term missions department. Programs include REACH, SWIM, City Challenge, and Group Link.

Virginia Mennonite Missions Virginia Mennonite Missions is an agency of Virginia Mennonite Conference.
Friends of Shirati Friends of Shirati provides medical, educational and developmental assistance to East Africa, primarily in Tanzania.
Mennonite Urban Corps "Mennonite Urban Corps attracts young, talented college graduates to serve and celebrate the city of Pittsburgh. A Christian organization following in the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition, MennoCorps creates work opportunities in peacemaking, community building and the arts."
Mennonitische Hilfswerk German Mennonite mission site.
Northern Youth Programs Ontario—Northern Youth Programs is a Mennonite faith mission whose goal is to strengthen Native youth and families by working with Native parents, churches and schools in evangelizing, discipling and training. Use the online registration form to join and, MennoLink email interest groups providing news and discussion related to missions.

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